There are several issues that impact our daily lives and our public schools. While there are several more than what's featured here, these are a few of the top priorities I will address in office. Our campaign is about building strong and innovative public schools that attract students rather than drive them away.
Bilingual/dual language education


As a national leader on the issue of bilingual and dual language education, my expertise will bring a new perspective and deep knowledge of the need to implement new programs and increase the success of those already in action. I strongly believe that bilingualism is good for everyone.


The achievement gap


I will work with leaders of our multi-ethnic community to gather input and re-think the idea that our students are failing to perform because they do not achieve higher scores on standardized tests designed by large corporations, and not by our public schools. We need a positive narrative on the capacity of our students to learn, and we need to reject the negative labeling that happens when we accept a "gap" determined by social class, language and culturally biased testing. There are other ways to improve the performance of our students, as research is now proving world-wide.

Public dollars for public schools


We must work together to find common ground on the need to ensure that public tax dollars go to public schools. We have seen too much be taken away making it difficult for many public schools to succeed.

State investment in our school system


Working with city and state leaders, I will seek solutions to our greatest funding challenges while encouraging the state to make better investments in our school system. The sale or takeover of public schools is not the answer, and we must work together to find a better path.

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